Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 Free Learn Complete Microsoft Office Excel 2010, 2003 Beginner to Advanced Level in Urdu & Hindi Language by Muhammad Niaz 1. Start Microsoft Excel 2. Tour of Excel Workspace 3. The Work Book Window 4. Resizing the Work Book Window 5. Navigating in Work Sheet 6. Working with Menu & Dialog Boxes 7. Working with Shortcut Menus 8. Working with Tool Bar 9. Working with Formula Bar 10. Exiting Microsoft Excel 11. Creating New Files & Templates 12. Opening & Saving Files 13. Making Selections 14. Entering Data 15. Entering Numeric Values 16. Entering Text Values 17. Editing Replacing & Deleting Data 18. Using undo and Redo 19. Creating Formula 20. Precedence of Operators 21. Using Cell References in Formula 22. Using Sheet References in Formula 23. Editing Formulas 24. Using Text Values in Formula 25. Selecting & Deleting All Work Sheet Data 26. Assigning Names to Ranges 27. Using Auto Sum Functions 28. Using Functions 29. Assigning & Removing Formats 30. Formatting Numbers & Text 31. Horizontal Text Alignment 32. Centering Text across Columns 33. The Fill Option 34. Justify & Wrap Text Option 35. Vertical Text Alignment 36. Text Orientation and Rotation 37. Formatting Fonts 38. Adding Custom Borders 39. Adding Color's Patters 40. Adding Graphics Background to Worksheet 41. Apply Conditional Formatting 42. Merging Cells 43. Controlling Column Width 44. Controlling Row Height 45. Auto Format Option 46. Copying & Moving Data 47. Copying Formulas 48. Copying & Moving Columns 49. Inserting & Deleting Rows & Columns (Mouse) 50. Filling & Creating Series 51. Clearing Cell Constants & Formats 52. Inserting Columns & Row 53. Deleting Cell, Rows & Columns 54. Filling Cell Ranges with Data 55. Finding Data 56. Replacing Data 57. Spelling Check 58. Controlling the Appearance of Pages 59. Printing Sheets 60. Creating a New Chart 61. Formatting & Editing Charts 62. Selective Pasting 63. Working with Multiple Workbooks 64. Sorting Lists 65. Using Filter to Analyze Lists 66. Pivot Table and many more Topic with Practical Remember me in your Prayers


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